Smells | Royall Lyme

In the brand pantheon there are only a few scent-smiths. The whole affair, to my mind, is a wasteful nuisance. Most every fragrance smells the same and seem to trend far too young or far too old/cheap. When I do find one I like, it’s most likely the kind that vanishes from your skin as soon as you spray it.

But Royall Lyme is an exception. First brought to market in 1957, it has the look of a much older fragrance and it would be easy to believe the company to be twice that age. That’s probably due to the generous portions (comes in up to EIGHT OUNCES!), the lead crown cap, and the parchment & wax seal packaging.

The scents themselves are simple and essential, a trait I appreciate in other perfumeries like L’Occitane. You’ve got orange, musk, bay rum, lime, vetiver, and spice. If there was a cedar  & tobacco you’d have just about every masculine smell worth spraying yourself with. It doesn’t hurt that you can’t spend more than $55 either!


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