Tool Obsession | Hilti

I have a tool obsession that’s well out of proportion to my actual use of tools. Though I only have occasion to use the lightest and daintiest of them, it hasn’t stopped me from beginning what will certainly be an impressive amount of shit to throw away after I’m dead.

While I’m enamored of various and sundry individual tools, I’m also drawn to entire brands, especially those with a rigorous system of naming and categorizing their lines. And for rigorous naming and categorization, one need look no further than the Hilti. Their spartan red cases and obsessive naming scheme draws me like The Quickening to the tool section of Home Depot whenever I happen by, but alas, I am not to have many of these tools. At least not yet.

The problem with Hilti, as opposed to a brand like Milwaukee whose tools I almost exclusively use, is that Hilti is very trade specific and gives me few justifiable reasons to drop huge sums of money on them. I have a distance finder (pictured below) and a case of bits, but otherwise I don’t need to hammer drill things, find rebar, or cast a perfectly level line around a gymnasium.

Of course I’m sure that I will one day, but until then I’ll nibble around the edges and be content with a stroll around the Hilti shelves.


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