I couldn’t have predicted that with a near total collapse of interest in clothing since having a daughter that the next thing I’d yap about on the internet would be custom shirts. But dammit I like the whole Luxire experience.



I’ve never gone in for custom clothing principally because I’m head-strong about what I like and I can’t imagine even a fairly anonymous custom tailor abdicating all editorial control over my britches. And it takes so damned long. And the expense always registered as a risk. And I put off haircuts for 3 weeks longer than I should because I don’t like sitting in the barber’s chair making conversation, so how could I possibly brook the babbling of a tailor?

Luxire feels less like custom and more like a sartorial buffet. I needn’t interact with anyone, I can choose to compile my garment any way I see fit, and the prices are low.

What finally got me over the hump – and I’m sure Luxire understands the potency of this option – was the “test shirt” for a mere $35. This was Macy’s pricing on the ability to sample a custom product and see if it lived up to my standards.


Well it exceeded them. The fit and finish was superb, the measurements exact, and frankly their test shirt makes a lovely addition to my wardrobe. I simply took my favorite fitting shirt and transcribed the measurements. The only error was my own, in making the cuffs about .75″ too large.


If you follow Luxire’s exploits on forums and social media you’ll see that they’ve reverse engineered some of the more famous details of other garments, including the Mercer collar. I admit that there’s something unsavory about this sort of copying, but I don’t think it’s hard to justify a collar roll as somewhat generic. In a sense Mercer stands out only in so far as other makers have abandoned their posts on many of these classic details.


My plan at this point is to continue mapping out a purchase plan. I’ve already ordered my second shirt and am eagerly awaiting its shipment. It’s a pale blue end-on-end with a spread collar. Very basic. The first few shirts will be. But then I plan on some sillier stuff. I’m going for a broad sky blue butcher stripe linen pop-over with a neon orange monogram.

Anyways, it may be a while before I launch into some of their other offerings, but I can’t help but to be curious about some custom trousers or jackets.

To be continued.




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